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Kembara Seorang Lautan Darah (Bab 08: #UnitedForBlood Part 02)

A lovely words from @azureenazman (Instagram) ❤
Before the actual event day, shamely i must say I didn't even understand the struggle that a thalassaemia's intermedia have to face.

Then suddenly a girl from my faculty which happens to be a thalassaemia intermedia were rushed to hospital for lack of blood. I was so scared becoz it was my first time hearing a person do not have enough blood in their own body (not due to accident). Then there she was, calmly said that it was normal for her because it was some sort of monthly 'thing', blood transfusion & having to consume medication on daily basis.

Fast forward to our Sabah's trip. We  were so lucky by having the advantage to visit other thalassaemia intermedia. I was so amused by the fact that most of them look just like her, small figure & even the face are similar looking. After chatting with just two of them, I must say I am amazed by the girl from my faculty. For others, life was just home-hospital-home, but …

Kembara Seorang Lautan Darah (Bab 07: My Name Is Azila, Thalassamia's patient)

Hi, my name is Azila, 23 years old & from Malaysia, a beta-Thalassaemia Intermedia patient with dependent blood transfusion. Thalassaemia is a blood disorder that produces either no or too little haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a substance in red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body. It’s already 19 years since the first time I go to the hospital
Every 6 or 8 weeks I’ll go to hospital for blood transfusion but its depend on my activity because sometimes come only after once a month but there is time I can survive until 3 months. I need blood transfusion for the rest of my life so bless all blood donors because they are heroes. I consume folic acid, calcium & deferiprone everyday. Get 8 hours desferal injection every four times per-week. Deferiprone & desferal used by Thalassaemia patients to make iron in our body normal to avoid organ failure since our body can’t process iron like others. Because of my routine to the hospital & sometimes get really sick, I always a…